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Door Lockdown

Emergency situations arise with little warning. Whether you are running a school, a shopping mall, or any other site with public access, it is nice to know you can quickly secure the entire site at the touch of a button.

One of Protege's many built in Programmable Functions is a door lockdown function.

How it works

A Door Lockdown function can be triggered by just about anything, but typically emergency lockdown buttons are placed at strategic places around the site and connected to the Protege system.

When any of the buttons are activated, the function will immediately lock all doors that are defined in the lockdown group, regardless of what unlocked them in the first place.

Door Lockdown can be configured for any of the following modes while in lockdown mode:

  • Allow Entry and Exit (with a valid access credential)
  • Allow Entry only
  • Allow Exit only
  • Deny Entry and Exit

Door Lockdown can be restored by either providing a reset push button or keyswitch, or directly from the user interface.

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