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It's a common courtesy in our society to hold a door open for a colleague or to lend an access card to someone who has forgotten theirs. However in many high security or hazardous environments, maintaining an accurate record of who went where and when is critical.

This social behavior is often difficult to stop. Anti-passback is a feature that can be used to prevent users from passing their credential back for another user to borrow and to stop users entering an area by simply following or tailgating another user.

Anti-passback results in accurate area counting and muster reporting and can be combined with many other features found in Protege to fulfil high security requirements.

Hazardous areas have strict requirements around user training and certification for entry and safe operation. Use anti-passback to ensure only authorized users are entering an area.

Some industries have requirements around the level of security provided in certain environments. Combine anti-passback with dual authentication to ensure there are always two people in an area.

To ensure accuracy in carpark counting, use anti-passback together with area counting to prevent too many cars entering the area and to automatically illuminate a 'Car Park Full' sign.

How it works

Anti-passback works by tracking which area each user is in. If a user attempts to re-enter the same area, or tries to gain access to an area that is not directly linked to their last logged area then anti-passback rules are invoked.

Depending on configuration, this can simply raise an alarm and allow access or can completely block access for the user. Access is restored once the user legitimately exits their last logged area, or can be reset based on a timer or time of day.

Anti-passback requires entry and exit readers on all access points to the controlled area. Protege's support for Wiegand reader Multiplexing and ICT's RS-485 reader Multidropping means that you still only need one reader port per door, even with entry and exit readers.

Anti-passback can be enabled for a single area, or the whole site. It can even be scheduled or controlled to be used at certain times or based on other conditions, such as threat level.

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