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Trojan Emergency
Break Glass Cover


The Emergency Break Glass Cover is for use with the TRJ-EM-REX and TRJ-SMART-EM units to deter unintended or malicious activation of the unit when it is installed in a public area.

The monitored version (TRJ-TDL-ECM) has two outputs which can be used to monitor the operation of the cover. One set of contacts connects to the piezo (buzzer) input on the emergency exit unit and the second to the Protege system for monitoring. The cover is designed to clip into place when closed, to make the operation of it a deliberate action, as it will not lift without reasonable force. This will prevent any accidental or unintended operation of it. 

  • TRJ-TDL-ECM (monitored)
  • TRJ-TDL-ECU (unmonitored)


  • Designed to complement the TRJ-EM-REX and TRJ-SMART-EM units and comply with local codes for emergency egress
  • Two outputs - one set for local audible indication and one set for status monitoring
  • The cover is secured behind the emergency exit unit to prevent removal and is designed to latch closed so as to make the operation of it a deliberate action
  • Made of polycarbonate so as to withstand long term operation without any deterioration
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Text and graphics will not deteriorate over time and the unit is easily cleaned


  • Single gang profile fits a standard electrical flush box
  • Power requirements 10 to 30Vdc
  • 10mA at 13.6 Vdc and 5mA at 27.6Vdc
  • Two sets Clean N/C outputs (changes status upon activation)
  • The contacts are rated at 2 Amp 30Vdc
  • LED backlighting
  • C-Tick Certified & complies with RoHS and BS 5839 Pt 2. The standard for “Break-Glass Panels”
  • Humidity: 93± 3% non-condensing
  • Operating Temperature: -10ºC to +70ºC
  • Ingress Protection(IP) Rating: IP54

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