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Searching for a replacement for Verex?

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Switch to Protege today

Making the switch to Protege couldn’t be easier. With minimal upfront investment, you can take your time with the transition while taking advantage of a solution that meets both current and future requirements.

Discover unified access control and intrusion detection

Traditionally, access control and intrusion detection systems have worked independently of each other. A Protege system brings these together to provide a single cohesive and unified solution that helps you keep unwanted visitors outside, while enabling you to monitor and control access inside.

Using a single system for access control, intrusion detection, and building automation not only saves money on the installation, the features it unlocks can lead to improved staff safety, a more user friendly system that is more efficient to operate, and of course a higher level of security.

What can ICT do for me?

We're committed to making the migration to Protege as simple as possible. Whether you're a security professional seeking a Verex alternative to offer your customers, or you're a business owner looking to replace the Verex system you have installed, we can help.

As a Verex Dealer

Supporting and servicing a product line that can't be easily replaced or repaired is bound to cause problems when it comes to maintaining existing sites and acquiring new business.

We can offer long term support for your Verex system while continuing development and innovation across the Protege product line. We also help to cultivate real business growth with a platform that is feature packed and constantly evolving.

As a Verex System Owner

Security systems - especially enterprise level systems - are a significant investment. While your current platform may do the job today, you'll run into difficulty if hardware components fail, you want to expand the system, avoid the latest security threats, and keep your software and hardware up to date.

We can provide a smooth and staged migration plan alongside certified installation professionals, with the ability to extend your existing system as your business grows.

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Secure your future.

Making the Move

Switching to Protege doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch or perform a total rip and replace. ICT provides support for your existing Verex installations while providing a smooth and staged migration to Protege.

Making the switch could not be easier:


Backup your Verex database and extract the required records, including PODs, users, access levels, and EOL settings


Replace the Verex control panel with a Protege controller, power supply and input expander


Program your Protege system and use ICT’s software tool to configure the Verex PODs to operate as Protege modules

When using a standard two-door Protege controller, one of the onboard reader ports is programmed to communicate with the Verex PODs and the other can be used to control an additional door. The input expander (and any additional Protege modules) are connected using the RS-485 module network port. This allows the same controller to operate a combination of Verex PODs and Protege modules.

Note that the same can be done with a single door controller, but you won’t be able to use the reader port for door control.

If the existing installation is access control only and you want to take advantage of the onboard reader ports, you can connect to the Verex PODs using the RS-485 module network port on the controller. In this case, you can still connect the power supply to the same port, but the port cannot be used to expand the ICT module network.

Detailed instructions on the migration process can be found in the Transitioning Verex Sites to Protege guide.

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